Cradles to Crayons has eight separate classrooms. Classrooms are age specific, and we also have a room for our pre-school programs as wellInfant-Toddler Program

Nestled cozily in their very own rooms, infants, toddlers and two year olds benefit from individual attention and playgroup interaction. Our teachers dispense love and education as they give hugs, sing songs, serve meals, and play games on schedules which vary with individual needs. A sense of family permeates the classroom where pictures of family members decorate the walls. Mom and Dad share in their child’s activities through daily online reports and personal conferences with teachers.

Nursery School Program

The Pre-K program at Cradles to Crayons Daycare and Learning Center is all about fostering and improving the skills necessary to prepare your pre-schooler  to enter formal Kindergarten. Our Pre-K class offers low student – teacher ratios allowing our teachers to tailor the program to the individual needs of our students which allows the children to grow at their own pace. We also feel that it is equally important to respond to the growing curiosity of the child as they learn more about the world that surrounds them.  We emphasize flexibility and diversity in our entire curriculum, to allow for the needs of that particular class. We truly believe we have the best pre-k teachers on the shoreline!

Cradles to crayons in Guilford Connecticut is both a daycare and learning center. There is a differance


Cradles-2-Crayons Daycare and Learning Center offers numerous programs for your Pre-school and daycare needs.Curriculum

We follow the Creative Curriculum and the current CT ELDS Standards for development. This allows the child to make a specific connection to their daily activities. Dramatic plays, artwork, eating, and most importantly, reading of books. Many themes explicitly guide the children in exploring the life cycles of different plant and animal species and help to link these observations to broad biological concepts. Often the weekly themes are enhanced by field trips to sites where animals or plants can be observed first hand.

At Cradles to Crayons Daycare and Learning Center we realize that the ability of the child to interact with their peers is critical. So our daily preschool schedule includes a circle time activity. We emphasize phonemic awareness through a variety of word play activities such as rhyming, finger plays and singing. Finger plays and many of the songs have the additional benefit of developing basic math skills such as addition, subtraction and counting. . Other circle time activities might include calendar time, demonstration of new materials, telling of stories, and large circle games.

Cradles to Crayons Daycare and ealry learning center has progressive learning programs to stimulte your pre-schoolers curiosityPrint awareness is also critical to your child’s development. We encourage all the children to “write” and draw. To this end, we make sure that there is an ample supply of crayons, paper, markers and paper available to them. Our staff is always available to write the word that corresponds to your child’s painting or drawing. As your child’s letter/sound relationship grows, they will be then encouraged to write the letters of the alphabet, and to write short words to describe their pictures.

In many classes, activity centers include dramatic play activities that have adequate props and scripts.

Story time is an important part of the day at Cradles to Crayons Daycare and Learning Center. We strive to create a literary rich environment. Books are read and re-read. Our discussions are tailored to stimulate discussions, and we encourage all the children to participate. On occasion we will even act out the stories, and all stories relate to the theme of the week.

We feel that snack time and lunchtime offer an excellent opportunity for the child to develop critical social skills, so we encourage the children to converse and interact with each other. Our teachers will sit nearby and start conversations, or point out some etiquette and hygiene information as needed.

Cradles to Crayins Daycare and early learning center provides a loving and caring envioronment for your toddlerCradles to Crayons Daycare and Learning Center features multiple outdoor play areas. We feel that outside play is critical for many reasons. It helps the toddler and pre-schooler  improve their physical skills and coordination. It also helps them develop social and language skills as they learn how to communicate their thoughts and desires.

Free-play time is an essential part of our schedule at Cradles to Crayons Child Center. Children are natural talkers and problem solvers. During free play time they will nurture these skills which aid in socialization while they participate in activities that they find enjoyable. For example, while playing with blocks, they are learning about balance and shapes. While engrossed in a puzzle, they are learning to solve problems and concentrate. While talking with other children in a child-to-child conversation, they are improving their communication skills.

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