Curriculum and Enrichment


The curriculum at Cradles to Crayons is child centered and is based on the CT Early and Development Standards. The CT Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS) serve as “the foundation for supporting ALL young children in Connecticut, no matter where they live, play and learn”. The CT ELDS are statements of what children from birth to age five should know and be able to do across the earliest years of development.” The CT ELDS identify the following domains of development: cognition, social & emotional development, physical development & health, language & literacy, creative arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. All Cradles to Crayons employees are given training on the CT ELDS and strategies to incorporate them into daily learning experiences.
In order to meet individual needs, interests and developmental skill levels, teachers use the CT Documentation and Observation for Teaching System (CT DOTS). This system allows teachers to observe children in naturally occurring situations, as well as planned learning experiences. It also provides for input from families regarding their child’s development.


The foundation of Cradles to Crayons’ early childhood programs is the educational qualifications and experience of the teachers. Cradles to Crayons uses a team-teaching approach to ensure consistency of program. Lead teachers in each group are responsible for planning learning experiences, documenting observations, and using individual assessments to meet each child’s interests, needs and developmental
skills. Cradles to Crayons strives to maintain a highly qualified staff by providing a variety of in-service training and other professional development opportunities. Staff members are not only expected to meet the CT State licensing requirements in education and experience but also are encouraged to exceed the requirements in terms of professional development and educational growth. All staff are CPR and First
Aid trained. Cradles to Crayons also maintains consultants in the areas of medical needs, educational support, dental and social services.


Cradles to Crayons provides program enrichment through a specialized Music Program for Under Threes, Preschool, and Pre-K children. This music program enhances the daily music activities by introducing music history and a variety of instruments for hands-on learning experiences. In addition, Cradles to Crayons provides an enrichment language program for Preschool and Pre-K children. Our enrichment language program offers opportunities for children to learn simple Spanish words, phrases, songs, and games that are appropriate and meaningful for young children.

Communication and Family Involvement

Cradles to Crayons believes that parents are the primary caregivers and welcomes opportunities to form meaningful partnerships with families. Open two-way communication is a key ingredient to forming relationships with families. Cradles offers a variety of options for daily communication with families, including in person, e-mail, telephone (with voice mail), written correspondence, and the
LifeCubby “digital backpack” system. This system enables teachers to document daily activities in the classroom by collecting and organizing data. It provides a Circle of Documentation through daily sheets, journaling, progress reports (observations & assessments) and experience planning. The
LifeCubby communication system keeps parents connected during the day, through entries, photos, and videos, while their child is at the center. All Cradles employees will be instructed in the use of the LifeCubby communication system.