Cradles to Crayons Daycare and Learning Center was established in 1978, and has decades of experience in helping your toddler and pre-schooler get a head start on their education.

 Cradles to Crayons Daycare and ealry learning center has progressive learning programs to stimulte your pre-schoolers curiosityAt Cradles to Crayons Daycare and Learning Center, our philosophy is that all children are special and unique. Every child has their own unique rate of growth, and a very distinct pattern of learning skills. The most important educators in a young child’s life are their parents and families. Cradles to Crayons Daycare goal is to provide the optimal learning experience for the child and to provide the families with the appropriate development information.

Cradles to Crayons believes in fostering a child’s total development. From social and emotional development to stimulating the child’s intellectual and creative skills, Cradles to Crayon’s Daycare and Learning Center programs create the optimum environment to encourage your child’s growth. Our program includes free play, group play, quiet periods, physical and gross motor play as well as longer and focused activities to increase the child’s attention span and listening skills. Our daily schedule provides time for all of these critical pre-school activities.


One step at a time

I’m developing a self-confidence

At a rate that is mine.

Being loved forms my doorway,

Creativity is my key-

In this stimulating environment I’ll enjoy being ME!

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Cradles 2 Crayons Daycare and Learning Center

447 Boston Street

Guilford, Ct, 06437